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More importantly it's about altering your view on life and trying to do the right thing even though it isn't always the easiest.

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Ah yes the ball-less wonder of the Fade Away

Ah yes the "Fade Away" it is one of the features of internet dating, and it is really rather annoying. I don't think it does anyone any good to dump them or to tell them you aren't talking to them by NOT talking to them. Communication is key, and whilst it is horrible being rejected at least when someone does it 'Old School' and tells you you get to suck it up and you get closure. The fade away is what is easiest for the person waking away, it isn't the right thing.

I think people think that they are saving your feelings, but as a lot in life when we try not to hurt people we probably hurt them all the more, so as the following poem says "We let you down gently by just not fucking telling you" - I mean what kind of messed up thinking is this? I think the strangest part is what it tells you about commitment. If someone was committed to be with you they wouldn't do the fade away, but the flip side is if they weren't committed to you and wanted you gone they would just tell you, so the fade away says "I can't commit to being with you and I can't commit to not being with you either".

So for all you ball less wonders - please man up and take 30mg, it's wrong when the 5ft 5 woman has the biggest set of bollocks in the relationship..............and dare I say some of this behaviour probably explains the dire state of the nation! 

The Fade Away

I did nothing wrong, you have no excuse
Just our intuition telling us we shouldn't reproduce

Inside I know your tactics just delay it
But you'd do anything so you don't have to say it

You'll draw this out forever like it's Vietnam
Then one day you'll be gone just like Bambi's mam

Cause there's the right thing to do
Then there's what you're going do

There's so much you should say
But instead... You do the fade away

Now you're fading like chalk on a painting on the sidewalk
Or the polio virus after Jonas Salk

The erection of a man on antidepressants
The cast of Diff'rent Strokes after adolescence

We see your faults but not our own
Then we wonder why we're all alone

We fill you up with maybe's, excuses and stalls
But like a baby in China... it's better to have balls

We pretend to ourselves it's the nice thing to do
To let you down gently by just not fucking telling you

And deep down we know it's the worst way to play it
And really you know you should have the balls to say it!

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