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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sex and spelling ....... There is a connection

Obviously the title is somewhat tongue in cheek, however, we engage in so many lazy forms of communication now a days that we rarely stop to think about the use of language. I hate text speak emails, it makes the sender appear uneducated and unintelligent. It also shows that they are lazy and not willing to put the effort into communicating properly with you.

If people can't communicate then they won't form a relationship. This is key and just in case any of you girls have forgotten the golden rule I'll remind you.   

You don't sleep with a man to get into a relationship with him, you sleep with a man because YOU ARE in a relationship with him

Never sell yourselves short girls! You want your cake not crumbs.

So sex and spelling - Why it counts :) ENJOY!!

My first experience of "sex and bad spelling" was at work and it was forever immortalised on my appraisal. My boss had put "inculated process within the department", I had no idea what it meant. I turned to "Google". This is an excerpt from the conversation that followed the results "Hi VV Boss, this word here (points to it). I don't think it means what you think it means. I don't think either of us should be commenting on extra curricular activities".....He had meant inculcated, however he was an former Para ...... OOps I typed that.

Grammar can radically alter the meaning of a sentence:

I can also get annoyed when people always your when they mean you're. I made this card to explain the difference to guys :)

I love benefit make up, I have used their eye kit big beautiful eyes since they started making it! It is a lovely neutral palette, when they added this card to the someecards collection I thought it was fantastic! Sadly though boys do NOT get your hopes up, as actually I won't sleep with you on a first date no matter how good your English is. 

For me this is more about good relationships are built on good communication and people making the effort to get it right. 

However, this is the hands down winner when it comes to sex and spelling ..........................

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