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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Express yourself! A Thank You to the Armed Forces

Over the last few years, I've talked to and attempted to cheer up and amuse people posted in Afghanistan and before that Iraq. I've talked to some good people.

People often wonder what we are doing over there and why you might want to make a stand against religious extremism. The reality is that turning a country back to the 7th Century is not what god (should he or she exist) wants.

The women in Afghanistan and many countries throughout the world have no rights at all and that is not healthy nor is it right.

THANK YOU to everyone who was willing to defend my right to

1. An Education - I have a BSc and an MSc, I made the most of that opportunity and I thankful that it was open to me. Without my education my experience of being widowed would have been very different, I would have been destitute. My education allows me to earn a living.

2. To not have to cover my hair - Can you imagine anything worse for a red head? Being forced to hide your crowning glory!..........You know the score boys, you may well slow down for the blonde, stop for the brunette, but you will reverse 300 yards for the red head! Plus heave on earth is seeing the sunshine or light reflecting on red hair.

3. To vote - to exercise my right to voice an opinion in my future and the future of my country.

4. To wear what the hell I like and to not have to cover up - this blog is living proof this. Enjoy it! 

5. To Drive - I'm an Advanced Driver Observer, that means I can teach Advanced Driving.

6. To choose whom I get married to If we were an Islamic nation, then as a widow I would have been forced to marry my husbands brother when my husband died, he is an alcoholic bum - a narrow escape from a life of misery if you ask me.

7. To have a job and support myself - the right to own property, have my own job and my own money to be financially independent. In short to be a productive member of society who gives more than they take.

The Irony of course is that the Taliban blow themselves up and become Martyrs to be met in heaven by women like me. The reality is we are down here on earth and wouldn't touch a chauvinist pig who wants to subjugate and control women with a barge pole!

Now if I designed uniforms .........................

Dress: Military Secretary pinupgirlclothing
Shoes: Aldo

Photos: Marvellous Marv the Hardware Hippo and Best Friend in the Universe

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