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Hi welcome to my own unique perspective on what constitutes style and individualism. The vast majority of the photos are taken using a mobile phone camera and I have no make up on.......

I'm in my late 30's and I'm also a widow which probably explains why I look so god damn hot in black, well that and being an ivory skinned pale red head! It also documents my wardrobe, so many people seem fascinated by my clothes and compliment me for how I look wearing them.

It is one woman's campaign against Jeans, Tracksuits and Ugg Boots!

More importantly it's about altering your view on life and trying to do the right thing even though it isn't always the easiest.

This blog is a story in taking pride in yourself and not letting yourself go, or settling for second best because you know what girls? No one really is better than someone if they don't treat you like a Queen................

Thursday, 13 December 2012

I just like exciting bras .......

It's so true and when it comes to the world of exciting bras you really can't get better than the beauty of a belly dancing outfit.

I love to dance and my friends are very indulgent of my pleasure, they spend a great deal of their time at festivals saying ..... "No mate, she's not on anything can't help you - She just likes to dance" quickly followed by "She isn't playing parachutes it's a f**king veil!!!"

You show your heart to people when you dance your body tells it's own emotional story - it is about what you share with your audience and what you hold back.

Costume: The Lady Hannan Cairo
Veil: Gift from a friend - silk rectangular

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