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I'm in my late 30's and I'm also a widow which probably explains why I look so god damn hot in black, well that and being an ivory skinned pale red head! It also documents my wardrobe, so many people seem fascinated by my clothes and compliment me for how I look wearing them.

It is one woman's campaign against Jeans, Tracksuits and Ugg Boots!

More importantly it's about altering your view on life and trying to do the right thing even though it isn't always the easiest.

This blog is a story in taking pride in yourself and not letting yourself go, or settling for second best because you know what girls? No one really is better than someone if they don't treat you like a Queen................

Friday, 15 March 2013

The ides of March have come.......

Aye Caesar, but not gone!

In 44BC Julius Caesar was assassinated  4 years later Octavian (Augustus) having achieved victory at the siege of Peruga, executed 300 senators and other noble folk, who had fought against him under relatives of Mark Anthony. Octavian undertook a series of similar actions as Caesars adopted heir to avenge his death.

The 15th of March is now a date synonymous with the death of Caesar thanks to Shakespeare's line "Beware the Ides of March", I can't say they are wrong, not because of Caesar, because it means it is one week to my birthday. To be sure you all recognise me I am getting lots of practice wearing purple! 

The Ides of March, was the festival of Anna Perenna, the Goddess of Years. The Roman Calendar being lunar means the Ides of March would fall on the first Full Moon of the New Year. Ovid in his writings, provides a vivid description of the revelry and licentiousness of her outdoor festival where tents were pitched or bowers built from branches, where lad lay beside lass, and people asked that Anna bestow as many more years to them as they could drink cups of wine at the festival.

It's a week early for my New Year Celebration, though I don't hold out much hope for my chances with being bestowed as many years as I can drink glasses of wine! I should have never made it to 2 years old!! LOL

To represent spring and the bounties of the New Year I have opted for one of my Bernie Dexter Dresses, this is Belle in Lilac. I adore lilac the colour and lilac the plant. I had a lilac tree (technically they are bushes) for years but it blew down in the horrendous winds last year. I was heartbroken, until I realised a little sappling had survived.

This is a pretty feminine dress complete with twirly skirt, it has a beautiful shaped sweetheart neckline that goes into a halterneck. This is my favourite style of top, it looks so cute tied with a bow at the back!

Dress: Belle in Lilac Print by Bernie Dexter
Shoes: Mary Janes in white by Bordello

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