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I'm in my late 30's and I'm also a widow which probably explains why I look so god damn hot in black, well that and being an ivory skinned pale red head! It also documents my wardrobe, so many people seem fascinated by my clothes and compliment me for how I look wearing them.

It is one woman's campaign against Jeans, Tracksuits and Ugg Boots!

More importantly it's about altering your view on life and trying to do the right thing even though it isn't always the easiest.

This blog is a story in taking pride in yourself and not letting yourself go, or settling for second best because you know what girls? No one really is better than someone if they don't treat you like a Queen................

Friday, 1 February 2013

Picture that with a Kodak. I am going to Miami for 22 months!

Today is great in 1900 Eastman Kodak Co. introduced the $1 Brownie box camera. The start of the mass proliferation of cameras. This blog wouldn't be here if mobiles didn't have cameras (I love my galaxy note - never settle for less than 6 inches when it comes to your screen size girls! Why have a phone and a tablet when you can have a Phablet? - pronounced fablet)

OOh and girls I am going to Miami for 22 months lucky me

I can't believe it is February already! Part of me wants to check to see if January is behind the sofa because I am not sure where it went! January is my first full month of outfits, so whilst I might not be sure where the time went at least I know what I was wearing.

I wanted something that is comfortable and classic to ring in February and a contrast to yesterdays print. I opted for Joannie in Green. This dress has truly stood the test of time and the washing machine! I must have worn it well over 200 times. It is one of those go to dresses, the rolled over neckline is beautiful and I love the fit but it doesn't cling. It's like baby bears porridge just right. The matching belt just finishes this classic dress. I don't think this dress has a single fault and I always feel fantastic in it!

This dress works hard for you making the most of your attributes so you don't have to, she looks great with your hair down or up. Joannie we love you in green! Just like the camera, Joannie is here to stay.

Marv is starting to really get into the photography side of the blog (she does take the best pictures of me) so we are considering going 'old skool' and 'retro' and actually getting a camera rather than keep using the one on my phone. It is no good when you hit a creative wall because of technology. 

Dress: Joannie in Green by Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Photos: Marvellous Marv the Hardware Hippo and Best Friend in the Universe

This is another Merv and Marv anthem, we like the lyrics:

"Took my life from negative to positive and I just want y'all know that
And tonight, let's enjoy life because we might not get tomorrow" 

Merv loves to dance to this too, and that matters I am Marv's dancing queen after all (or is that dancing monkey LOL)


  1. I do love this dress as green is a greeat colour for monkeys, great for camouflage in teh trees and it is so close to marv's alter ego "Joanne" hehe...

    Dancing Monkey Rules teh Ether :-)

    1. Yeah you don't want people spotting you in the monkey puzzle tree. They might throw coconuts or something!

      Hippos rule, they are top of the hill :)