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Sunday, 27 January 2013

TVs, Lamps it's all photoelectric mosaics

Today seems to be a mosaic day in 1880 Thomas Edison patented the electric incandescent lamp and then in 1926  John Baird, a Scottish inventor, demonstrated a pictorial transmission machine called television.

Early televisions (and until recently) relied on Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes to fire electron at the screen to produce the picture, which is why TVs and magnets were so much fun! The photoelectric mosaic is the picture you see on the TV screen so today's dress is in a print called mosaic and it is black and white just like the early TVs.

This is a pencil dress and matching bolero from Vivien of Holloway. I do like the cut of all of her dresses they really do enhance your curves, and the pencil skirt is a nice difference to the sarong wrap dress which I like so much. This dress looks lovely if you accessorise it with red (necklace, belt and shoes)

Dress: Halterneck Pencil Dress in Mosaic by Vivien of Holloway
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

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